DTP Blog 15, Summertime Fun!

I hope you are all enjoying a long 4th of July weekend. This blog is a little shorter just because I am busy writing, working, family time, and trying to do summer things as well.

The writing is going very well. I did take a little break for a few days and just put the laptop away and enjoyed the grueling heat outside. But, I am writing here and there. Nancy and I are going to be out and about all over hitting up craft shows and such to promote the books, so if you have any suggestions of places let me know.

I have some very exciting news coming up in August I will share with you after it takes off. Wishful thinking? Really, I will have multiple upcoming announcements to share with you once I know they are a definite go. Super excited about them.

Book 5 is coming along nicely. (I might have it done by the end of the year? if I keep up this pace.) Funny thing is this one is definitely a learning experience as I am writing from multiple perspectives. I think it could go on forever. It started because I like knowing not only the main characters but the others as well. They all have a backstory, and sometimes it’s just as fun to learn about them as well.

That’s all for now. Just writing and waiting for the go ahead before I share too many details with you all. So excited!!

Thank you fantastic peeps!


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