Danni To Pieces – Shaded


Shaded is the highly anticipated follow-up to Forced, in the Danni to Pieces series. It will keep you hooked as the story continues as Danni tries to find herself with new obstacles in the way.

Danni’s life takes on more twists and turns with Collin and the feelings she has for him that won’t go away. She continues to work and write music, but after an award show, a discovery is made that will impact both their lives. Can Danni and Collin try to work things out or will more lies keep them apart? Both are hiding deep secrets that will affect their relationship if the truth comes out.

Danni isn’t exactly out of danger, in fact, quite the opposite. No matter what she does, she just can’t escape that horrible night that changed her physically and emotionally. It keeps coming at her in ways she can’t imagine, but ignoring the warnings is the only thing she can do to escape the reality of her life now. Ignoring it doesn’t stop it from happening.

This is the book L.T. Varner’s readers have been asking for and it reveals more secrets from Danni’s life. Secrets that only one other person knows.


Shaded –
5.0 out of 5 stars WTF!?! I just read THE best book of the year! (Until # 3)
By Denise B on October 11, 2016
Wow! Just wow! After reading book one, I was excited to see where Danni’s relationship with Collin was headed -although I also hate him for hurting Danni. I had hoped that Danni and Daniel would end up together (still holding onto a slim chance). I feel like I’m watching this story unfold right in front of me. Characters so believable that they could be real. Descriptions so vivid you can picture it all unfolding before you. Just couldn’t stop reading! And I’m still reeling from Collin’s confession! Will definitely continue reading the entire series!
Shaded –
5.0 out of 5 stars Another AMAZING read … Too good to put down! Hooked on Danni to Pieces!
on October 19, 2016
I could not wait to get ahold of Book 2, and I am so glad I did! Once again, I could not put the book down. I kept reading and reading into the early morning hours just to finish the book. Absolutely cannot wait to see where L.T. Varner takes this storyline. Just when I think I know where things are going something surprises me (in such a good way). Book 3 needs to come out NOW! I am completely hooked, and an L.T. Varner fan for sure!
Shaded –
5.0 out of 5 stars Best read of the year!!
on October 27, 2016
L.T Varner has truly out done herself with the second book in the Danni to Pieces series with ofShaded. This has been an amazing journey that has left me twisting and reeling in the story of Danni’s life. Just when im sure I have it all figured out anew chapter unfolds taking my mind in new directions. This is a must read, I cant put it down. Sincerly, Impatiently waiting your 3rd book!