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    DTP Blog 30, Change!

    Check out my article coming out in the July 2022 NSPIRE! Change By Tanya Uhrich The past couple of months has gone by like a whirlwind full of anxiety, happiness, frustration, and above all excitement for the future. Change surrounds me at every turn suddenly and I have no idea how or what direction to take the first step. Everyone talks about the “empty nest” moment like it is a defining event in someone’s life. I assure you, it is but not necessarily in a good way. Let me start at the beginning of my reasoning. In 2004 I brought home this amazing and cute baby boy who relied on…

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    DTP Blog 29, What your grammar says about you!

    Check out this article I wrote for NSPIRE. What your grammar says about you. By Tanya Uhrich How many times do you read and reread an email or text message before hitting the send button? In my case, about five times. As a writer, I am super paranoid about spelling and grammar. As hard as I pay attention to what I am sending out or writing, I still catch mistakes later. It drives me insane but it’s a nice reminder that I am only human after all. Typed messages have changed a lot over the years thanks to technology. It’s hard for me to admit my age but when I…

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    DTP Blog 28, Keyboard Warriors!

    Check out this article I wrote for NSPIRE. Keyboard Warriors By Tanya Uhrich The good old World Wide Web. How you have helped connect all of us by tearing us all further apart. Remember the good days of waking up to a newspaper on your front steps? Once upon a time that was our source of news, that and the nightly news on television. Fast forward to today we simply pick up our cell phones and have the world at our fingertips. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Stories get put in front of you based on things you have clicked on or the subject you typed in. Therefore it…

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    DTP Blog 27, Perception!

    Check out this article I wrote for NSPIRE. Perception By Tanya Uhrich               Looking around the world we live in, I can’t help but be in awe of it. What a beautiful place we call home. It’s quiet with a slower pace of life. Here in the Midwest, our lifestyle is very different than say someone living in New York. I imagine their life is very loud, crowded, and busy. But in reality, what if it is not? That is simply my perception of their lifestyle. We look at others, especially on social media, and instantly paint a picture in our minds of what their life is like simply based…

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    DTP Blog 26, The Power of Negativity!

    Check out this article I wrote for NSPIRE! The Power of Negativity By Tanya Uhrich Negativity is everywhere we look today. What happened to the days of celebrating accomplishments? We have become so busy with keeping up with the demands of our day that sometimes we often complain about it. Instead of thinking about how lucky we are to have a job to go to or a family waiting at home for us and or how beautiful the landscape of our small town and open space is. We forget and focus on the bad. Negativity is an easy trap to fall into and we often don’t even realize it. I…

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    DTP Blog 25, Check this one out!

    For all of those who enjoy reading check out my column in NSpire. NSpire is a local newspaper with a ton of great articles and information. The main thing I enjoy most about it is that it feels like a community-driven paper. Not a large publication grabbing random stories from places hundreds of miles from our community. Check them out! They definitely put the positive back into a local publication. I love to write and I am thrilled to put more random stories out there for all of you. Some might even stop and make you think. Happy reading. Emergency Contacts by Tanya Uhrich. Many of us remember when our…

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    DTP Blog 24, I suck at updates!

    Hey everyone! I really do suck at this whole blog thing. But I wanted to give everyone an update on upcoming projects. After lots of time and work, I have decided the current book I am working on will be the end of Danni’s story. While the book isn’t from her perspective, it wraps up the story as a whole from new characters’ perspectives. It will answer a lot of questions on the how and why behind the events in book 5. I look forward to all of you reading it! So, I did a thing. I recently wrote an article for a local publication that was fun to write.…

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    DTP Blog 23, Again, working on it.

    Hello! Well, life isn’t exactly working in my favor to be a writer right now. It can become so busy and overwhelming it is hard to focus on one thing. My biggest project lately has been starting my own website design and marketing business. Yeah! Super excited about it as I love the opportunity to be as creative as I can be. But as many people know, starting a business is a very lengthy process and it has been overwhelming and busy, but ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Helping others with what I am passionate about is the best job in the world.             With all that being said, I will give you…

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    DTP Blog 19, Waiting Patiently

    Hello! Fantastic news!!!!!! The audiobook for book 1, Forced, is done!! It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to share with all of you. Hopefully, in the next couple weeks it will be available to download. Along with the audiobook all of you will be surprised to see the new cover it will have on it as well. I will update you with a sneak peek as soon as I get it back. A little surprise for all of you who read this, I sponsor a radio show on KMOR, 93.3, on Saturday nights called “The Chamber” with my favorite host, Marcus. During his show I will have a couple…

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    DTP Blog 18, Finding Time

    Good evening my patient readers! I know- I suck at keeping you updated on my blog! I can’t even come up with why that is, other than I have been writing, working on websites, creating teasers, and getting the audiobooks moving along. Wow! I am just as surprised as you are when I say you wouldn’t realize how time-consuming it all is. But, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOING ALL OF IT!!! Audiobooks- Good news! Book one, Forced, is 80% completed. I would like to say it could be available by the end of the year if I am lucky. I am just as excited as you are to listen to it.…