DTP Blog 16, Exciting Announcements

Hello fabulous readers,

Wow, summer has gone by fast, and I can’t say a lot has been done. (Kidding!) A lot has been done, and I have some exciting announcements to share with you all. Where to begin? It’s all exciting, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of them.

First, I would like to let you all know that Book 1, Forced, is currently in production to become an audiobook! Holly, from Texas, has agreed to work with me and has already started down the long road it takes to get a book narrated and produced. Let’s all wish her luck, and hopefully, I won’t bug her too much. But, like me, she wants it to be perfect as well.

Second, with the fabulous Nicole Smith’s help, I have decided to redo the first three covers. I received such great feedback for the fourth cover with the lovely Ashlee Foster on it that I decided to use her on the others. She is so damn sexy!

Third, I am currently working on video teasers for the series, and hopefully, you will see one posted very soon. Give me some feedback and tell me what you want to see and maybe I can put something together giving you an idea of what is in my head for this story and characters. The first person to reply with a suggestion to the video teaser part of this will receive a prize! And the first person to tease it on Facebook will also receive a prize. (You are excluded if you have won any prize in the last six months. I want to give everybody with a fair chance.)

Fourth, (And the biggest)!!!!!!!!!

In August, I undertake the task of writing the first episode for my books. With help from my editors, I plan to write a television season and see where it goes. It’s a huge shot in the dark, but why not! I would love to see it become something more and a lot of you readers are excited about it as well.

Rest assured readers, I am writing in Daniel’s book as well. Hopefully, early next year I will have it published as well as another book I have been writing. So a lot to do in the next couple months. Spread the word and please remember to leave a review on Amazon.

Thank you!



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