DTP Blog 14, Nuts & Bolts!

Good afternoon. With so many questions from people about my writing style and ideas, I thought it best to finally tackle some of those tough questions. But first a quick update. Book 5 in the series is coming along beautifully! It’s funny to see what Daniel can manage to do and the reactions from others. I love my sweet Daniel! I am a little under halfway with it and have a chapter from also, Mike, Danni, and Collin. This way you still get to keep up with all of them. I don’t have an idea of a publish date as life gets in the way and I get sidetracked. I, being too ambitious for my own good, also have three other books about halfway done as well. (I think I have a short attention span. LOL.) I am hoping to at least give you previews of them very soon as well.

Nuts & Bolts time. The quickest way to stump me is to ask: “What is the series about?” I still don’t understand why that question is so hard to answer. I wonder if other authors have issues with that as well?? Anyway, what comes to mind about the series to me is that it is a believable story that you might relate to these people. It’s suspense, mystery, and romance all rolled into one. I steer away from predictable or typical. I understand that once a story idea becomes popular others hop on that train and whip out their own version of it. I HATE that! Be original and create your own masterpiece people! So far, in all my reading I have yet to come across anything like this series, and I hope it stays that way because this is my hard work and I don’t appreciate others using me. As authors, we should all respect others work and not steal it! (See, easily sidetracked) It’s hard to answer the question of  “What’s it about” because I don’t want to give it away. I want you as a reader to imagine it your way, not the way I envision it. That really might be why I struggle to answer that question.

Another Bolt. My writing style. People mention all the time I have a way of writing that you can smell the items I am describing or feel something like the weather in the scene. First of all, my writing style surprises you all as much as it surprises me. I learned as I went and now I am stuck with what I am comfortable with. What is fun when I write is that I usually have a good drink, loud rock music blaring in my ears and I am locked in my dark office and just get lost in the story. I see the story in my head as I write it and describe the things I notice, like the smell of gasoline or how cold it is outside. It just depends on the scene. As a reader one thing I am not crazy about is some writers go on and on about the room they are in all the way down to the fabric texture of the curtains. Sometimes it can just be too much and takes away from the story. I want to read the story, not what their interior decorator has done with the place. Although, sometimes if the story is good enough it’s easy to let it slide by without any annoyance. I might sound a little favorable to prefer my style, but I promise it’s not that. I just know what I like as a reader and applied that to my writing style. So really, thank you to others for helping me learn what I like and don’t like!

One last tidbit. Book 4 is flying off the shelves, and I am getting great feedback. With such great comments, I would appreciate if you would go to Amazon and leave a review for any or all of the books in the series you have read. I know I base my purchases of books a lot based on these reviews. So not only help me out but let’s help other author’s as well and make sure what we think are great stories get the recognition they deserve.

Thank you fantastic peeps!


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