DTP Blog 13- Yea, book 4 is here! Thank You’s!!

Hello to all you fabulous people! Well, book 4, Deceptive, is live and flying off the shelf. I am so happy with this book and the turnout Friday night for the launch. We had a full house for the entire event, and I can’t thank all of you enough for coming out. But I want to give a huge thank you to all my little helpers and give them props for their help and support. And also give a little history of the past helpers as well. The list is long.

Let’s start with book 4, Deceptive. First, the people that make my writing look great: Jared Carew and Stepanie Schafer helped me edit this book, and both are amazing!! I used Nicole Smith Photography, and she is quite an amazing little ball of energy. I gave her my vision, and she ran with it, and I am astonished by the cover! Bravo Nicole! My friend Ashlee Larie Foster was my model for this, and I couldn’t have picked a better stand in for Danni. Ashlee is gorgeous and so much fun to be around. Julie’s Antiques is behind the fantastic hat for this cover. One look at the red hat and I knew it was just perfect! Whiting Signs helped with the posters and formatting for the cover and nearly any signage I could ever need, they do it all! Brian from Applebee’s was fantastic to work with. With his ideas and support, we had a successful launch!  Christa and the Monument Mall were fantastic in putting up my posters and adding the info to their signage. Big Red Nebraska Popcorn was, and Indulgence Salon was generous enough to provide my giveaways for the launch, and they were a huge hit! Angela’s Bridal and Boutique for always ready to help however she can! Mr. Tommy Moon, my IT guy who nags me about posting and blogging regularly, he keeps my social media and website sorted out, and he is quite an amazing and supportive friend! And last (hopefully I do not forget anyone) my friend Nancy. This woman always pushes me out of my comfort zone and don’t take my excuses and because of her and her help at every event, errand, looking for something I mentioned, or promoting my books however she can, I am so grateful for her and her friendship. She never asks for anything in return, just happy to be my friend and I love her for that!

Book 3, Swayed. I will keep this shorter as I have mentioned them before. Editing: Jared Carew and Stephaine Schafer. Whiting Signs, Parick M. Photography – Jessica Mikoloyck. A great friend, Kristi Hopkins for hat design, the only girl I know that I can give her a bag full of props and decorations to and say design something and I get am amazing hat out of her! She is awesome! Angela’s Bridal and Boutique. Indulgence Salon. Tommy Moon. Big Red Nebraska Popcorn. Applebees. Christa and the Monument Mall.  Of course, Nancy!

Book 2, Shaded. Editing by Jared Carew. Photography: Jessica Mikoloyck. Whiting Signs, Patrick M. Hat design by Julie’s Antiques. Tommy Moon. Cappuccino and Company, the staff is amazing. Angela’s Bridal and Boutique. Of course, Nancy!

Book 1, Forced. Editing by Rachel Guerin and Jared Carew. Photography: Kenzy Feltes- Faces n Places Images. Hat design by Kristi Hopkins. (Probably my favorite hat out of the series!) Again, gave her a hat and decorations and she came up with such an awesome hat! I don’t know how she does it! Amazing! Whiting Signs, Patrick M. Indulgence Salon. Angela’s Bridal and Boutique. Cappuccino and Company, the staff is amazing.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, (see what I mean, this list is long) if I have I will remember them as soon as I post this. (Usually how that works) For all the people that have been part of this, I can’t thank you enough! It’s very important to me that people are recognized for what they do and thank each one of you for being part of my success. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you fantastic peeps!


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