DTP Blog 18, Finding Time

Good evening my patient readers! I know- I suck at keeping you updated on my blog! I can’t even come up with why that is, other than I have been writing, working on websites, creating teasers, and getting the audiobooks moving along. Wow! I am just as surprised as you are when I say you wouldn’t realize how time-consuming it all is. But, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOING ALL OF IT!!!

Audiobooks- Good news! Book one, Forced, is 80% completed. I would like to say it could be available by the end of the year if I am lucky. I am just as excited as you are to listen to it.

Books- Well, that’s not going as smooth as the Audiobook. I am writing, but I am having a hard time focusing on one book. I have been ignoring Daniel’s book for a while as I have been working on the new series I hope to have out next year, but I will get back to the DTP series very soon. The new series will include three books with different couples set in New York and Chicago. I have a teaser posted on my “Coming Soon” page and soon will have a video teaser to go with it. It’s definitely more dark and twisted as the DTP series. Check back soon for new details.

TV- I have the first two episodes back and am editing them a little bit. My goal is to still see the DTP books as a television series. (Still aiming high, but why not!)

I will have something new for you soon. Please be patient with me as I am working on many different projects.

Thank you!