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Hello. I hope everyone is doing well and excited for book 4, Deceptive. I am very excited to wrap it up and deliver it to you. It’s been very difficult to put the finishing touches on book 4. I want to make sure I end it the way it should be and do justice for my characters. Here’s the problem with it: I have writer’s block! I am stuck! I have rewritten the ending three times and am currently working on my fourth. Nothing has felt right, and I just can’t settle for less than the best ending possible. I promise you, though; I am working very hard so I can get it out as soon as I can.


Here’s some good news also. I am working on releasing the series on other outlets too. And hopefully, soon I will have them as Audibles as well. Yea! By the end of the year I hope to have all the Audibles out, book 4, Deceptive, and two other books I am working on as well. Might be aiming a little high, but I love a challenge.


I have also added a Newsletter button under the Connect tab. By signing up, you will receive notices and updates before everyone else. Also, if you sign up in the next couple days, I will enter your email into a drawing for a $10 Amazon card. Another promotion is still going on as well. Send me your favorite quote or moment from any of the three Danni To Pieces series, and you might see it on some upcoming prizes. If I use yours, I will send you one free!


Remember, sign up for my Newsletter. Thank you all and happy reading!!



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