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    DTP Blog 17, What’s New?

    Good evening my lovely readers! I haven’t posted in a while, and I am sorry about that. Back to school and work took over my life in August. Feels like I had something to do almost every minute of every day. Good news though. Life is falling back into a routine, and hopefully, I will have more time to devote to writing. Let me give you a few updates on that. I haven’t got to do as much lately, but what I have done is exciting. I took a little break from the DTP series and picked up another that I had set aside last summer. It’s is about half…

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    DTP Blog 16, Exciting Announcements

    Hello fabulous readers, Wow, summer has gone by fast, and I can’t say a lot has been done. (Kidding!) A lot has been done, and I have some exciting announcements to share with you all. Where to begin? It’s all exciting, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of them. First, I would like to let you all know that Book 1, Forced, is currently in production to become an audiobook! Holly, from Texas, has agreed to work with me and has already started down the long road it takes to get a book narrated and produced. Let’s all wish her luck, and hopefully, I won’t bug her…

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    DTP Blog 15, Summertime Fun!

    I hope you are all enjoying a long 4th of July weekend. This blog is a little shorter just because I am busy writing, working, family time, and trying to do summer things as well. The writing is going very well. I did take a little break for a few days and just put the laptop away and enjoyed the grueling heat outside. But, I am writing here and there. Nancy and I are going to be out and about all over hitting up craft shows and such to promote the books, so if you have any suggestions of places let me know. I have some very exciting news coming…

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    DTP Blog 14, Nuts & Bolts!

    Good afternoon. With so many questions from people about my writing style and ideas, I thought it best to finally tackle some of those tough questions. But first a quick update. Book 5 in the series is coming along beautifully! It’s funny to see what Daniel can manage to do and the reactions from others. I love my sweet Daniel! I am a little under halfway with it and have a chapter from also, Mike, Danni, and Collin. This way you still get to keep up with all of them. I don’t have an idea of a publish date as life gets in the way and I get sidetracked. I,…

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    DTP Blog 13- Yea, book 4 is here! Thank You’s!!

    Hello to all you fabulous people! Well, book 4, Deceptive, is live and flying off the shelf. I am so happy with this book and the turnout Friday night for the launch. We had a full house for the entire event, and I can’t thank all of you enough for coming out. But I want to give a huge thank you to all my little helpers and give them props for their help and support. And also give a little history of the past helpers as well. The list is long. Let’s start with book 4, Deceptive. First, the people that make my writing look great: Jared Carew and Stepanie…

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    Make sure you subscribe for exclusive fun stuff!

    Recently we did a cool little incentive for our mailing list subscribers and now we’re at it again. Exclusively for subscribers of our mailing list, we will be doing drawings for prizes to be given out at the launch party on June 9th. So head over to www.ltvarner.com and join our mailing list to be entered to win something cool from the goody box! There are some interesting promotional items in there that would be fun to have… Don’t miss out! As always, thanks for your support! You’re the best audience ever and I appreciate you. Feel free to share this post all over Facebook, too; let’s get as many…

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    DTP Blog 12 Book 4 is Almost Here!

    Yea, book 4 is almost here!             What a ride book four has taken me on over the last six months. Good news, though. It is finally ready and is currently being formatted and printed so hopefully, you will have it very soon. I would like to thank a few people who put up with me and have helped tremendously with this book. First a huge Thank you to Nancy. You push me out of my comfort zone and you get results. (Although…you laugh at me for being so awkward) I love you for it though. A huge Thank you to Nicole Smith Photography for taking such fabulous pictures and…

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    DTP Blog 11 Newsletters and Prizes

    Hello. I hope everyone is doing well and excited for book 4, Deceptive. I am very excited to wrap it up and deliver it to you. It’s been very difficult to put the finishing touches on book 4. I want to make sure I end it the way it should be and do justice for my characters. Here’s the problem with it: I have writer’s block! I am stuck! I have rewritten the ending three times and am currently working on my fourth. Nothing has felt right, and I just can’t settle for less than the best ending possible. I promise you, though; I am working very hard so I…

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    DTP Blog 10 Book 4 Deceptive Contest & Teaser

    Hello, fantastic people! It’s been a while since I blogged and for that, I apologize for slacking on my duties. Life happens, and I am approaching the New Year with the whole New Year – New Me approach. With that, I am trying to run three days a week with two rounds of Pilates as well. It is challenging trying to find all the time to fit in all my projects, but I am trying. For those of you that have never tried Pilates, I totally recommend it!   I am currently rewriting the ending of book 4, Deceptive, and changing some of it. It’s hard to focus on it…