DTP Blog 20, Life Happens.

Hello! Finally, Sorry I have been very absent over the last year. I am finding motivation again. My life has taken some dramatic changes and I am now finding my footing again. It’s funny how a person’s life changes and it is almost like a reset button was pressed and you must relearn things you truly love to do. I am diving back into writing, working to complete my four unfinished books and television episodes. Stay close and I will continue to provide updates on their progress!

The television episodes are not a high focus right now, but two episodes are complete and only eight more to write. It is difficult to condense down books into episodes as I want the show to fully represent the events of the books. I know that is a very difficult task and almost impossible. So, I charge ahead doing it my way which will be interesting. “My way”, a novel idea that everyone should embrace.

The three other books mentioned earlier that I began prior to life taking me in a direction that I was unprepared for are the beginning to a new Mob romance series. It has been such a thrill for me to tell a different story and broaden my creativity. I have the series half written before shelving it to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns. My goal is a release date sometime in 2020. I will post a video teaser in the next coming months!

Finally, what you have all been asking about. Daniel’s Piece. The fifth book in the DTP series is a little over halfway written and will be finished in the next couple months. I am back on my game writing diligently for a release date this September. It is hard to write as I struggle a little with the series coming to a close. I love these characters and would continue with them for ten more books, but that could be a reach on my part and I want to write in many other genres as well. But, we will see, you might get one or two more out of me.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me as I took a hiatus from the writing part of my life. I am back on track, completing a blog post and finishing up another chapter this week. Keep watching my website for a sneak peek of great things to come in the next couple weeks. Without your support the creative flame within would have never re-ignited, for that I am eternally grateful!

Thank you!


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