DTP Blog 12 Book 4 is Almost Here!

Yea, book 4 is almost here!

            What a ride book four has taken me on over the last six months. Good news, though. It is finally ready and is currently being formatted and printed so hopefully, you will have it very soon. I would like to thank a few people who put up with me and have helped tremendously with this book. First a huge Thank you to Nancy. You push me out of my comfort zone and you get results. (Although…you laugh at me for being so awkward) I love you for it though. A huge Thank you to Nicole Smith Photography for taking such fabulous pictures and being part of this book. You’re incredibly fun to work with and such a goofball. (I love that about you!) And to my gorgeous model who puts up with me, Ashlee Larie Foster. You truly inspire my vision for my character Danni. You will definitely be on all my future book covers as well!

Book 4, Deceptive, was probably the most difficult book I have written so far in the series. (Yes, it is going to go on! You heard it here first. Aren’t you glad you signed up for my mailing list.) Deceptive was written from not only Danni’s perspective, but I thought it fair to let Collin be heard this time. As their relationship has grown I thought hearing his thoughts and feeling his emotions might help us understand him better as well. He is a great(ish) guy, just a little hard to like at times. I think the same goes for Danni. This time you get to hear both of their sides as they try to maneuver the truth while trying to protect each other. They just approach things a little different. You will finally learn who assaulted Danni and know everyone’s involvement. It’s a very twisted path that will make you angry and sad at some of the characters in the series. I just recently rewrote the ending and finally came to the perfect conclusion. A few test readers were very surprised at who did it. Some were very angry and I take pride in that because I don’t like predictable or typical. I tend to lean a little toward the whole shock value thing.

The book was difficult to rewrite in the sense the original one was just Danni. So, I had to teach myself how to write from two different perspectives while managing their different personalities and emotions at the same time and that can get pretty confusing at times. To make it much more confusing, I added the first chapter of Daniel’s book that will be next in the series. He is just so much fun to write because he takes nothing seriously and he has such a dirty mind! Love him!

I am planning a book launch party hopefully at the end of May with details to come. I hope all of you join me and pick up a copy of the book. I will let all of you know the exact release date as soon as I know.

Please email me or stalk me on social media if you want to. I answer as many questions and reply to comments as I can without giving too much away. Once in a while, you just might drag a detail out of me?

Thank you fantastic peeps!


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